SPP 1889 - Regional Sea Level Change and Society

During the 6-year period 2016-2022, the Priority Program (SPP-1889) ‘Regional Sea Level Change and Society (SeaLevel)’, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) joins natural and social science disciplines to perform a comprehensive, interdisciplinary research on regional, climate-related sea level change and the associated human-environment interactions and socio-economic developments in the coastal zone.

The main study regions, the North and Baltic Seas, and the South-East Asia/Indonesia region, with the latter encompassing several coastal megacities, low-lying islands and delta regions, differ fundamentally in terms of societal, socio-politico-economic and cultural aspects, adaptation capacity and response strategies towards sea level change.

Developing successful strategies to cope and address sea level change in these regions largely depends on advancing our understanding of processes influencing regional sea level, the availability of sea level change and uncertainty information at the coastlines, available resources and economic power, and on effective planning and local governance structures.

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Work Program

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